Skills to pay the bills

I really admire writers who can weave a great story, and who can make their readers feel some emotion! I’m not one of those types but one day I hope my reader can relate to some of the things I write about. So, I have a goal to practice these rusty skills and am dedicating daily time to writing. Ideally I’d love this practice to lead to being someone who gets PAID to write! Not that I don’t love my current profession and I’m happy that it does involve some writing, but I’m really trying to think of a way where I can rent a beach house on the California Coast, write my memoirs for a future iBook and call that my career. Ha!

Latetly, I’ve been obsessively watching Parenthood on Netflix. It’s so easy to get sucked in since episodes “auto start” once one finishes. I could – and often do – find myself watching hours and hours of Netflix. In the back of my mind I want to say f*ck this blog, shut down WordPress and open up Netflix. But I’m stopping myself from acting like an addict.

Parenthood is a really sweet show about three generations of the Braverman family – their hangups, their accomplishments, their downfalls. I suppose I’m really in to the show because it makes me think that this is how a “real” family acts. Not to say that my family isn’t “real” but the camaraderie and the conversation that the Bravermans have is something I feel I’ve never experienced with my family.

Here’s a clip from one of the episodes I recently watched.

And, here’s an obligatory photo of my cat, Beaches el Gato.


My writing skills are rushed and sloppy. Perhaps, dear reader, you’re not into my style or my topics. But I hope you’ll at least return for more of Beaches el Gato and other random photos! Now, leave me be as I’m off to watch Parenthood.


20 random facts you’ve never wanted to know

Tonight I started a Catmoji profile for my cat Beaches el Gato.beaches reads me bedtime stories Why do cats need social networking profiles? Who cares….they’re so cute!

Here’s 20 random facts about me.

  1. I love my cat Beaches more than anything or anyone
  2. Will go into debt to fulfill my need to travel somewhere this year
  3. Self-destructive at times
  4. I feel familial and societal pressure to get married; to the point that i feel brainwashed that it’s something I want….but i don’t think i do
  5. I want that blood-diamond ring tho
  6. Afraid to lose my parents
  7. I should learn Tagalog before my dad dies
  8. Feel closer to my friends than my family
  9. I google old boyfriends, old classmates & co-workers
  10. Afraid to have a child because it might be ugly, awkward or I might resent it
  11. Afraid to grow old alone
  12. I like cooking, especially vegan meals
  13. I’ve become almost everything I dislike about my mother
  14. I over-eat and I’m overweight
  15. I’m tracking my diet and trying to exercise because i can’t even fit into my fat girl clothes right now
  16. Facebook depresses me at times
  17. I force myself to drink water. I hate the way it tastes.
  18. I grew up drinking Tang
  19. Addicted to coffee; i get headaches when I don’t drink it
  20. I’m sensitive to smells