tiny violin

Today was one of those 10 hour work days but when has it not been lately? Of course cooking something healthful and tasty when I finally get home at 8 p.m. is pretty much not happening. My boyfriend usually does the cooking but wasn’t going to be home till 6 p.m. so there was no way my request to have stew for dinner was going to manifest. Thankfully we had polenta, a tomato, fresh spinach, prosciutto and eggs in the fridge.

The result? Delicious! My BF found the recipe on a blog; I tried leaving a comment of praise but since I wasn’t able to, I guess the next best thing is to share the link with the world! Well, the “world” being you, my five readers.


Notice the soft-boiled egg? I’m obsessed with David Chang.

I figured out why time flies as I get older. I’m constantly counting down days till the weekend or to the next holiday that I’m rushing through the week. I really need to take the time to smell the gardenia, soak in some sun and taste the salty ocean air.

I’m still “training” for Great Aloha Run which is next Monday. I say training because I haven’t really progressed as much as I’d hoped since I began running a month or so ago. The other day, I was at Ala Moana beach – it’s my favorite workout spot because it’s so encouraging to see all types of people getting their fitness on. I saw a few couples taking their engagement and wedding photos on the beach. It was sweet. But, since the majority of couples are Japanese, I bet a number of them have the same wedding photo backgrounds. It’s kinda strange but, it’s absolutely beautiful each and every time I see the sunset there. OK, I get it.


Til next time!