20 random facts you’ve never wanted to know

Tonight I started a Catmoji profile for my cat Beaches el Gato.beaches reads me bedtime stories Why do cats need social networking profiles? Who cares….they’re so cute!

Here’s 20 random facts about me.

  1. I love my cat Beaches more than anything or anyone
  2. Will go into debt to fulfill my need to travel somewhere this year
  3. Self-destructive at times
  4. I feel familial and societal pressure to get married; to the point that i feel brainwashed that it’s something I want….but i don’t think i do
  5. I want that blood-diamond ring tho
  6. Afraid to lose my parents
  7. I should learn Tagalog before my dad dies
  8. Feel closer to my friends than my family
  9. I google old boyfriends, old classmates & co-workers
  10. Afraid to have a child because it might be ugly, awkward or I might resent it
  11. Afraid to grow old alone
  12. I like cooking, especially vegan meals
  13. I’ve become almost everything I dislike about my mother
  14. I over-eat and I’m overweight
  15. I’m tracking my diet and trying to exercise because i can’t even fit into my fat girl clothes right now
  16. Facebook depresses me at times
  17. I force myself to drink water. I hate the way it tastes.
  18. I grew up drinking Tang
  19. Addicted to coffee; i get headaches when I don’t drink it
  20. I’m sensitive to smells