long weekend goals

i know i just came back from vacation a mere 14 days ago but i’m really looking forward to the long weekend. on my to-do list:

  • suns out buns out!
  • read (i’m currently trying to get through Cooked by Michael Pollan. I’m on page 50 of 416 pages)
  • meal prep for the short work week


stuff do to

sometimes, I like to think of stuff I want to have available when I’m flithy rich. my list is pretty simple:

  1. a Range Rover. or a Toyota Tacoma. I’d just like to drive a truck or SUV. and maybe also a Mini for those days when I know I’ll have to street park.
  2. a Hot Tub. Gonna need something to relax in after a hard day’s work stacking paper.
  3. a Bidet toliet. I lived in an apartment for a year and my toliet had a bidet. I look back on those days and regret not using the various functions everytime i went to the bathroom. 

One of my goals this year is to travel by airplane at least twice. I’m working on making that happen…even if it just means flying to a neighbor island and spending a couple days there.

Here’s another San Francisco photo from my recent vacation. Next time, I think I’ll walk over the bridge. 



most noteable toliet experience of San Francisco vacation

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything that’s not been related to work! So hello…I’m so glad to be here!

Just came back from an awesome vacation to San Francisco. I’m ready to go back! Or maybe I’m just ready to be on vacation again. Either way, I thought I’d note my most memorable toliet experience of the trip. 

We drove up to Twin Peaks to take-in the view and it’s where I also had the chance to try out the city’s fantastic self-cleaning toliet program which is free for public use. It’s pretty great. The person ahead of you exits; the door auto closes and for like 5 minutes, the bathroom “cleans” itself. You watch the digital screen and when the cleaning process is complete, the screen displays a message that the bathroom is ready for use. Next, push a button and the door auto opens. You get a max of 20 minutes…i’m not sure what happens if the person before you takes longer than that though – the door opens up on your weirdest fantasy I guess.

Once I walked in the first thing I notice is that everything – toliet seat and floor – is damp. I deduce that the cleaning process is to dump a load of water over the entire toliet, washing away any fluids, streaks or other nastiness from the previous user. Then, a strong fan blows to somewhat dry the facility. What I notice next, as I’m grabbing toliet paper to place on the seat, is that there is no seat – just the rim of the toliet. Not a big deal since I’ve been practicing my squats but what about the elderly? Are they also able to just hover over the rim while doing their business??

Overall I was very pleased at how clean the toliets where in the many, many bars and restaurants I visited all throughout San Francisco (and parts of Oakland too!). 

Here’s the one photo I took of Twin Peaks.




Four days in to the new year…how did you welcome it?

After spending most of the evening with my family, it wasn’t till 11:40 p.m. that my BF and I ran down to our new favorite neighborhood bar to meet up with other friends. When we got there they’d already headed home, so instead we toasted 2015 with our new favorite bartender!

My best accomplishment of 2014 is quitting smoking. Well, OK, I’ll still light one up occasionally but after 20+ years, I finally feel like I’ve broken that bad habit, especially since I was buying a pack or two at least once a week. And this past year I can honestly say I probably have only bought about 5 or so packs total!!

Now that 2015 is here, I wrote down 5 goals to accomplish.


Please forgive that I overused “more” – most of these are things I’m already doing but very minimally.

In addition to more running and yoga-ing, I’m trying to be more mindful of what I eat…and how I eat so, taking each bite into consideration since I have a tendency to stuff my face unnecessarily.

For my BF’s birthday, his mom sent him Bryant Terry’s Afro-Vegan cookbook and it’s my favorite thing of 2015 (so far). We tried about 4 recipes from it and each was so delicious!


I’m excited for what the year has to offer! Happy New Year!

birthday week break

Took the week off to celebrate turning a year older. It was quite relaxing, especially the end of my vacation since Tropical Storm Ana kept me indoors – and in my PJs – all weekend.


Sang karaoke hits at 9th Ave Rock House and gulped down various birthday shots. I got tipsy and my lei is looking busted.


Was invited to a beach BBQ not realizing it was in honor of my friend’s son who turned two. Didn’t bring a gift, was too embarrassed to acknowledge it and will probably not be invited to future kid bday parties…which I’m totally OK with.


Ate breakfast with my family at the new Liliha Bakery. My sister requested her eggs over easy on top of her pancakes.


Spent Friday exploring Bishop Museum with the BF. We spent 4 hours there and didn’t get to see everything. I haven’t visited this Museum since childhood but I’m so glad we visited because I love learning about Hawaii history. The only reason we didn’t get through all the exhibits is because we didn’t realize their Cafe is closed for renovations and we needed a snack.


My parents gifted me with a Crock Pot. The BF and I used it tonight to make carnitas…amazing! I love my new cooking toy! The portion of carnitas on the plate is tiny so I ended up eating seconds. OINK!

Skills to pay the bills

I really admire writers who can weave a great story, and who can make their readers feel some emotion! I’m not one of those types but one day I hope my reader can relate to some of the things I write about. So, I have a goal to practice these rusty skills and am dedicating daily time to writing. Ideally I’d love this practice to lead to being someone who gets PAID to write! Not that I don’t love my current profession and I’m happy that it does involve some writing, but I’m really trying to think of a way where I can rent a beach house on the California Coast, write my memoirs for a future iBook and call that my career. Ha!

Latetly, I’ve been obsessively watching Parenthood on Netflix. It’s so easy to get sucked in since episodes “auto start” once one finishes. I could – and often do – find myself watching hours and hours of Netflix. In the back of my mind I want to say f*ck this blog, shut down WordPress and open up Netflix. But I’m stopping myself from acting like an addict.

Parenthood is a really sweet show about three generations of the Braverman family – their hangups, their accomplishments, their downfalls. I suppose I’m really in to the show because it makes me think that this is how a “real” family acts. Not to say that my family isn’t “real” but the camaraderie and the conversation that the Bravermans have is something I feel I’ve never experienced with my family.

Here’s a clip from one of the episodes I recently watched.

And, here’s an obligatory photo of my cat, Beaches el Gato.


My writing skills are rushed and sloppy. Perhaps, dear reader, you’re not into my style or my topics. But I hope you’ll at least return for more of Beaches el Gato and other random photos! Now, leave me be as I’m off to watch Parenthood.


I am trying to get into the habit of posting more but today, I couldn’t think of anything to write. Posting a photo instead…counting down the days till the weekend.


That’s cute…but what is it really?

One of my memories at around 4 years old…it’s a grey, cool, overcast early afternoon. My dad’s at work and my sister is still at school. My mom’s busy cleaning the house, or too tired from cleaning and doesn’t have the energy to play with me. We’d just moved on the military base and I don’t recall there being neighbor kids around my age; most were a year older and also in school. I decide to play in the backyard by myself. I grab my plastic yellow bat and a white, scuffed plastic ball the size of a grapefruit. I toss the ball straight up in the air till it nearly reaches the treetops….I get into batting position – knees bent, front left elbow relaxed…I follow the ball with my eyes at it makes its descent…bat and ball connect and I crack it like a piƱata with all my might. In my head: applause and amazement – “look at this child! she’s an amazing young athlete who can play all by herself!” In reality: I looked like this little dog playing catch with a machine. Sad and lonely.