stuff do to

sometimes, I like to think of stuff I want to have available when I’m flithy rich. my list is pretty simple:

  1. a Range Rover. or a Toyota Tacoma. I’d just like to drive a truck or SUV. and maybe also a Mini for those days when I know I’ll have to street park.
  2. a Hot Tub. Gonna need something to relax in after a hard day’s work stacking paper.
  3. a Bidet toliet. I lived in an apartment for a year and my toliet had a bidet. I look back on those days and regret not using the various functions everytime i went to the bathroom. 

One of my goals this year is to travel by airplane at least twice. I’m working on making that happen…even if it just means flying to a neighbor island and spending a couple days there.

Here’s another San Francisco photo from my recent vacation. Next time, I think I’ll walk over the bridge. 


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