most noteable toliet experience of San Francisco vacation

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything that’s not been related to work! So hello…I’m so glad to be here!

Just came back from an awesome vacation to San Francisco. I’m ready to go back! Or maybe I’m just ready to be on vacation again. Either way, I thought I’d note my most memorable toliet experience of the trip. 

We drove up to Twin Peaks to take-in the view and it’s where I also had the chance to try out the city’s fantastic self-cleaning toliet program which is free for public use. It’s pretty great. The person ahead of you exits; the door auto closes and for like 5 minutes, the bathroom “cleans” itself. You watch the digital screen and when the cleaning process is complete, the screen displays a message that the bathroom is ready for use. Next, push a button and the door auto opens. You get a max of 20 minutes…i’m not sure what happens if the person before you takes longer than that though – the door opens up on your weirdest fantasy I guess.

Once I walked in the first thing I notice is that everything – toliet seat and floor – is damp. I deduce that the cleaning process is to dump a load of water over the entire toliet, washing away any fluids, streaks or other nastiness from the previous user. Then, a strong fan blows to somewhat dry the facility. What I notice next, as I’m grabbing toliet paper to place on the seat, is that there is no seat – just the rim of the toliet. Not a big deal since I’ve been practicing my squats but what about the elderly? Are they also able to just hover over the rim while doing their business??

Overall I was very pleased at how clean the toliets where in the many, many bars and restaurants I visited all throughout San Francisco (and parts of Oakland too!). 

Here’s the one photo I took of Twin Peaks.



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