I am trying to get into the habit of posting more but today, I couldn’t think of anything to write. Posting a photo instead…counting down the days till the weekend.


That’s cute…but what is it really?

One of my memories at around 4 years old…it’s a grey, cool, overcast early afternoon. My dad’s at work and my sister is still at school. My mom’s busy cleaning the house, or too tired from cleaning and doesn’t have the energy to play with me. We’d just moved on the military base and I don’t recall there being neighbor kids around my age; most were a year older and also in school. I decide to play in the backyard by myself. I grab my plastic yellow bat and a white, scuffed plastic ball the size of a grapefruit. I toss the ball straight up in the air till it nearly reaches the treetops….I get into batting position – knees bent, front left elbow relaxed…I follow the ball with my eyes at it makes its descent…bat and ball connect and I crack it like a piñata with all my might. In my head: applause and amazement – “look at this child! she’s an amazing young athlete who can play all by herself!” In reality: I looked like this little dog playing catch with a machine. Sad and lonely.

Lahaina Noon

I wish we were in Lahaina, Maui at noon but no, this is just a picture of the BF at Lahaina Noon (May 26, 2014 at 12:28pm) — when the sun passed exactly overhead Oahu and there is no shadow!

Chosen in a contest sponsored by the Bishop Museum in the 1990s, Lahaina Noon was the selected appellation because lā hainā (the old name for Lahaina, Hawaii) means “cruel sun” in the Hawaiian language. The ancient Hawaiian name for the event was kau ka lā i ka lolo which literally translates as “the sun rests on the brains.” This paragraph was cut&paste from Wikipedia.

head pounding

Haven’t been writing because I’m suffering from awful headaches. I think it has something to do with my contacts. In the meantime, here’s a video of my BFs band, taped playing live on KCCN FM 100. Enjoy…it’s Aloha Friday!

making moves

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’d been a smoker for nearly half my life. Well, it also seems that I’ve been in debt for half my life. I pay my credit card bills on time but because my amount of debt is so large, I haven’t tried to apply for a loan to pay it down because what institution in their right mind would want to loan someone like me more money? Tonight, I said f^ck it and filled out the 15 minute application in the hopes that I’ll be on my way to getting my finances in order. It won’t be a surprise if I get declined; I’m already resigned to the fact that I will never be debt free. I don’t regret my money situation – I used the money to travel and LIVE! – but in retrospect, I do wish I’d been smarter about how I choose to use credit vs. cash. I’m learning though.

When the day comes that I’m finally debt free, I’m going to treat myself to a Yoga Retreat in France!! (Provided I’m NOT purchasing said retreat with my credit card…I think I finally figured out my problem!)

Lately, I’ve been trying to walk to and from work these days; today I got a quarter of the way home and it started dumping rain. Luckily my bus was at a red light and I was able to dash across the street in time to catch it. For the 5 minutes that I was there, a man who looked like he at one point had a drug problem started making small talk with me. I say a previous problem because even though his eyes were clear and he looked sharp, he had to only have been in his mid-30s but he had no teeth. None! I mean none that I could see. So we talked briefly but in the back of my mind, I was hoping he didn’t plan to chat it up with me on the bus. He didn’t. As a woman who travels mostly by public transportation at different hours of the day and night, I have my guard up at all times. Plus, I’m naturally paranoid and judgmental. But that short conversation with a stranger made me think that I really need to relax my boundaries slightly (read: I need to stop being such a b*tch).

Speaking of drug problems, what’s going on with the homeless situation on Oahu? I moved into my neighborhood less than 3 years ago and since then, there’s a bunch of folks liking at the neighborhood park bathroom. Is the problem drugs? The economy? Lack of support for those with mental issues? It’s depressing to see glass “affordable” high rises being built, and new restaurants and shops opening in the neighborhood, but watching people look down their noses at those who can’t, won’t or don’t know how to help themselves. I’m researching ideas, but what are simple things regular citizens can do to help? Realistic suggestions welcomed.